Level 2 SUP Instructor

This course is for the instructor looking to teach SUP beyond beginner level.

Teaching more advanced turning techniques is a fundamental aspect of progressor coaching

Level 2 instruction is about taking the progressor to the next levels of paddleboarding: improving their turning skills and increasing their repertoire of turning techniques, introducing new stances, taking them into more challenging conditions, and of course, improving their general paddling skills. 

This is NOT a how-to-coach course for would-be SUP coaches, it is more about providing the material for early intermediate lessons for the commercial SUP school/operator. However, the material in this course will make an excellent foundation for anyone looking to advance into the world of SUP coaching.

There are two ways to complete the Level 2 course. Both will cost the same, the difference will be that the fully online course will best suit those for whom the practical assessment poses problems in terms of travel, scheduling etc. (However, do not assume that the All Online course is the easier option! The assignments are quite challenging…)

Option 1: Online + Practical

This approach requires completing the online course here, followed by attending a practical assessment, which takes about 3 hours. (For much more information on the practical assessment, check out our FAQs).

The price for the online course is $100 and the practical assessment $75.

Option 2: All Online

The full online course includes all the Level 2 lessons along with a number of assignments to be submitted, all of which can be carried out at your local area. For more information on all-online courses check out our FAQs).

The price for the full online course is $175.

We recommend renewing the course every 2-3 years, which can be done online here.

The fee for the online renewal is $75.

If you already hold a SUP instructor qualification that includes teaching beyond beginner level, and wish to convert to the New Zealand system, the online conversion course will bring you up to speed on New Zealand law and our way of doing things, which will be essential if you are intending to work in an existing NZ SUP school. There will also be a practical assessment.

The price for the online course is $100 and the practical assessment $75.

If you are wondering how it can possibly work doing an instructor course entirely online, then please check out the FAQ pages, which will hopefully give you all the information you need. If you have any other questions about which is the right course for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.