SUP Business

Introduction to the course

Welcome to the course!  If you’re thinking of setting up a business involving stand up paddleboards in New Zealand, then there is a lot you need to know.  How to find your way through the legislation, the documentation you’ll need, the right equipment to invest in, the best ways to maximise your assets and a lot more.  Having assisted many SUP businesses in NZ get up and running, and with our ongoing relationships with WorksafeNZ and Maritime NZ, we know the things you need to know .

Most of the modules in this course will have a video to watch, as per the one below. It’s easier to discuss things this way, rather than you having to plough through pages of written text.   So, whenever you’re ready…

The video below will take about 10 minutes to complete.

Your access to this course will be for 12 months from the date of purchase, and you are welcome to view any of the lessons as many times as you wish. 

Please note – the advice given here in this course is NOT guaranteed to be 100% comprehensive and exhaustive. It represents best knowledge and practice as we understand it to be, but we strongly recommend you back it up with your own research wherever possible, particularly with regard to matters such as legislation in your region etc. The advice here is largely generic, pointing you in the right direction. You are still going to need to adapt the documentation to fit your own specific requirements, etc. A bespoke service to provide you with a complete solution for your particular business would cost a whole lot more than $69! 

We think you’ll still find it well worthwhile and helpful though. If there’s anything that you think we’ve missed, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re happy to add more modules to the course as required, if it’s material that will be of general relevance and use. 

Finally, if you want to know more about the mechanics of teaching SUP, or more information on understanding SUP equipment, or understanding the conditions, interpreting weather forecasts, giving safety briefings etc, then you’ll need to sign up for the Level 1 SUP instructor qualification. This covers all that sort of material in great detail, and again can be done as an online course.