SUP RESCUE – how to use your paddleboard to rescue a person in trouble

The latest in our series of free education courses covering all aspects of SUP safety. This course covers SUP rescue technique – how to use your board to take other boards or craft under tow, and to rescue people in trouble in the water, get them out of the water and get them to shore.

Every paddleboarder should know these techniques – the stand up paddleboard is actually an extraordinarily powerful rescue tool if you know the right tricks and techniques. And every year, literally thousands of people get into difficulties in the waters around our islands (and millions more around the rest of the world). So it is entirely feasible that one day, you’ll be out there on your paddleboard and encounter someone in trouble in the water. Hence this course. It will give you the knowledge that may well end up saving somebody’s life!

The 2 hour course is broken down into bite-sized chunks or lessons so you can work through it at your leisure – or just pick out the bits you’re interested in. As you’ll see from the list of topics below, there’s a whole lot of information here! All the courses in our SUP SAFE series go into lots of detail, with practical examples, video and pix to make it relevant to stand up paddleboarding and the actual information you need to know.

So – what are you waiting for? It’s completely free – all it requires is you deciding to make the commitment to yourself (and your family and friends!) to increase your knowledge, in order to make yourself a safer and better paddler.

Let’s get started!

We acknowledge that the videos and graphics in the lesson are not always of the highest quality – this course has been produced entirely by volunteers, so the focus has always been on quality and usefulness of information in the little spare time we have. Our aim is of course to land a major sponsor who will fly us all to Hawaii with a professional film crew and team of models for a couple of months so we can reshoot all the vids under the direction of Denis Villeneuve. Until then though, we hope you’ll put up with the next best thing…