Level 2

Level 2 SUP Instructor Online

This course is for the instructor looking to teach SUP beyond beginner level on a commercial basis. This is the completely online version of the Level 2 course – you will have to submit assignments and complete a test, but the entire process can be completed from your own location, you do not have to attend any training or assessment sessions. To see the various other ways of taking the Level 2 course check the course page here.

Level 2 SUP instruction is about taking the progressor to the next levels of paddleboarding: improving their turning skills and increasing their repertoire of turning techniques, introducing new stances, taking them into more challenging conditions, and of course, improving their general paddling skills. 

This online lessons in this course cover the theory, safety understanding and background knowledge to take your clients on their journey of progress. There are 11 lessons in this online course, which will take about 4 hours to complete, plus however long it takes you to complete your assignments and pass the final test.

To complete the qualification as a Level 2 SUP instructor, you must already be fully qualified as a Level 1 instructor.

Payment can be made via credit card or paypal by clicking on the registration button above, or by bank transfer.