SUP SAFE – Stand Up Paddleboarding Safety

A free education course covering all aspects of SUP safety. What safety equipment to use and why, how to read and understand the forecasts and the conditions, what to do if things go wrong, all broken down into bite-sized chunks so you can work through it at your leisure – or just pick out the bits you’re interested in.

Stand up paddleboarding may seem like a very safe sport , yet every year hundreds of paddleboarders end up getting into trouble, getting rescued – and tragically, sometimes the story does not end well. It almost always comes down to knowledge, and those paddlers getting into trouble did not have a critical piece of knowledge. Hence this course. It will give you the knowledge, that may well end up saving your life!

We are rolling the course out section by section. The safety equipment section is now complete; over 2 hours of information and discussion, drilling deep into the complexities and issues to give you the full story and assist you in making the best decisions on what gear will be best for you.

We hope you enjoy it and find it useful, and of course we’d welcome your feedback – anything we can do to make it better and more informative!

This course has been brought to you with assistance from the Maritime NZ Safer Boating Forum, and Water Safety New Zealand.