Your (GAGA) solution to a problem scenario (L1 conversion)

Your (GAGA) solution to a problem scenario (L1 conversion)

Select your chosen problem scenario from the three options below, and take us through your GAGA response. (We will only be judging your content, not your grammar or spelling!)

Problem Scenario 1 – lost paddle

Halfway through a group lesson, a client shouts for help – he’s dropped his paddle and it has sunk like a stone, disappeared completely!

Problem Scenario 2 – client acting strangely

One of your clients in a group lesson is clearly not right. They have gone very quiet, and are slowing down. You go to check on them, and they’re looking a bit pale. You ask if they’re alright and they sit down and complain of a headache…

Problem Scenario 3 – unexpected headwind

A sudden (unexpected and unforecast) strong headwind has come up . You have to get your group back to the launch site, UPWIND.  But first you have to navigate your group of beginners (with a couple already struggling) around a headland that sticks out into the channel. The wind is really funnelling past it… This is a more complex problem, so extra chops to you if you choose to take this one on!

So – decide which of these three problems you’re going to deal with (if only it worked like this in real life!), and enter your plan below: